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Founder's Message

Thanks for visiting the site of the National Association of Singles…The Single Resource for Singles.

Three years ago, after being single for many years, I started to focus on the distinct differences between Singles, and the rest of American society (mostly married people). I began to research the reasons why 100+ million Singles still live in the shadows of mainstream America… which led to my findings, in the forthcoming book SinglesRising. This extensive research also led me to bring a management team together and form the company Singles Rising. 

From the book came the idea for a National Association of Singles, to provide Singles with affordable medical insurance, plus an array of other  benefits and savings…similar but different than associations, that mostly married people join. And, a site with professional content by professional Singles, on Single issues from living and traveling alone, to dating, and finding your true soul mate, and much more.

Enjoy this inaugural launch and watch for exciting new offerings and content. We hope you will join our Association, which will provide even more benefits, as the number of our members increase…including, a planned social network for Singles.

Here’s to Singles Across America!

Jim Munro, Founder