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Love Compatibility Key Factor: A = Attraction

"A" is the featured letter for today. Ah, the premier letter always comes in first. It never has to wait - it is at the top of list without thinking. It does not need to anticipate – no need to abstain; it is called upon aptly and ably.

Here's today's quote: "I suspect the secret of personal attraction is locked up in our unique imperfections, flaws, and frailties."- Hugh Mackay

We generally don't know why we are attracted to someone – we just know that we are. Attraction comes in many forms – of course there is the physical. And that is important – it plays a big role in our lives, our careers, and in our relationships. But it is highly overrated and somewhat fleeting. Even movie stars live alone these days. Yet we can all be as attractive as we can be using our unique gifts – with good grooming, a sense of fitness, a positive attitude, and a feeling of joy.

In addition to physical attraction, other forms of attraction include: emotional, energy, personality, character, actions, competency, values, beliefs, faith or spiritual, success - and dozens of others. The combinations are indeed endless. But is Mackay saying that our flaws are attractive? Let's go with idiosyncrasies rather than flaws – and then, yes it is true. If we were all the same then it wouldn't matter who you spent your life with. But it does matter – in fact it is huge.

Think About It
Take a moment now to think about it. What do you find attractive? What traits? What attributes? What values? The way they look? The way they move? The way they speak? Or is it what they say? What they do? How they treat others?

Why do you find these particular aspects attractive?

Are some traits more important to you than others? Are some deal breakers? Can these traits pass the test of time? Think about honesty and beauty; think about intelligence and integrity. Is there a trade off in your mind?

Life is long and you will spend a lot of time together - so what is most important to you? What are your deal breakers? Are some traits attractive in the short term but annoying in the long term? If you are in it for the long term, it pays to think ahead.

Reflect on what you think is attractive. What would be the best way to assess the bundle of traits to be your ideal match?

Then think about how you would fare as some else's ideal match. Bring your thoughts together as a personal development goal and go for it!

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